New England Museum Assoc. (NEMA) online in November

2021 NEMA Annual Conference

Recreate, Recharge, Reimagine

November 15, 17, and 19

Location: Online

New England’s premier museum conference is fast approaching—and we have good news! Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the New England Museum Association, CLHO members can register for this fall’s NEMA conference at the NEMA member rate. CT Humanities and the Connecticut Office of the Arts have also funded free attendance for anyone from Connecticut wanting to attend where cost is a concern.

This year’s theme—Recreate, Recharge, Reimagine—focuses on the opportunities we face in 2021 after more than our share of of challenges in 2020. What happens next? Where do we find ways to become re-inspired in our work, or newly inspired? What programs and connections do we rebuild, and what can we create that suits new needs? How do we rejoin the museum workforce, and what can we do to welcome new colleagues?

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Discounted and Free Registration Opportunities

CLHO Members can register at the NEMA Member rate—a savings of $25. Not sure if you’re League membership is up-to-date? Log in to the CLHO website, or send us an email at and we can help you out.

Scholarships are also available for anyone from Connecticut who wants to attend the conference but is concerned about the cost. All you have to do is fill out a brief application form. The deadline to register for the no-cost option is this Friday, October 22, so sign up today!

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Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of CT Humanities and the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

We’ll see you at NEMA!