Conversations on the Commons: Local Cultural Council grants, COVID & the new normal, and more

Late fall Conversations on the Commons

These interactive community conversations are a great way to come together, share ideas with your peers, and learn what organizations all around the commonwealth are up to.

November 6 – History funding from Local Cultural Councils: A conversation about applying for grants

November 13 – Six months and counting of COVID: Are you finding a new normal?

December 4 – Holidays in history, and end of year fundraising and merchandising

December 18 – Cooking the Past: Commons Holiday Cooking Show

Contributing panelists will share their experiences and reflect on their struggles and successes. Workshop your LCC application, learn about using Google Expeditions, share your merchandising successes, and cook up a storm with Margo Shea!

Conversations on the Commons are exciting opportunities for history organizations to meet with one another and share their thoughts in an ever-changing world and field.

Join us for an online, interactive dialogue that gives people from the Massachusetts history community an opportunity to learn from each other, share ideas, vent, empathize, laugh, complain, think, collaborate, brainstorm, plan, and generally get up to no good.  Their website with more information:

We invite our colleagues from the Commonwealth’s public and community history organizations to submit ideas for future conversations, and participate as peer panelists and moderators.