Berkshire Historical Society selects Melville Fellows

Berkshire Community College student Aylen Dominguez has been selected as a Melville Fellow by the Berkshire County Historical Society.  She joins two other recipients, Shawna Hennesy from MCLA and Hazel Richards from Williams College.  This fall, the three Melville Fellows will be paid a stipend to work with the Writer-in-Residence at Herman Melville’s Arrowhead to produce original writing.  Public readings will take place in early 2022.  Congratulations to all three!

Housatonic Heritage and Berkshire County Historical Society worked together 10 years ago – in 2011-2012 – to establish the first Writer-in-Residence position at Arrowhead.  The partners at the time (Housatonic Heritage, Pittsfield High School, and Berkshire Historical Society, at Arrowhead) hoped to engage youth with the particular stories of Melville and Arrowhead and encourage students with their own writing. Berkshire Historical Society picked it up from there, and they have had a Writer in Residence since 2012.   And the Melville Fellow program, while different, reaches out to students, too.

Congratulations to the students and to Berkshire Historical Society.