History Alliance offers three workshops

The History Alliance will host three workshops this fall

Feel free to bring lunch or not.  We will provide the space and facilitate the conversation. A speaker will present some key ideas, and a discussion will follow. Please call  298-3468 or send an e-mail to register.  The workshops are free to history organizations in the Housatonic Heritage Area.

·  How to get the funds to do your work
Our Fall 2010 fundraising workshop attracted a big crowd, and at our NEMA Primer in March, most of the participants identified fundraising as a topic they hoped to see on our workshop calendar.   So we are following up at the Sheffield Historical Society,   September 23, 1 p.m. Judith Monachina, with Barbara Dowling and Bob Salerno.

·  Web presence:  Websites and Social Marketing
Like fundraising, this popular topic may seem overwhelming.  But it is quite concrete, and therefore doable!  So in this workshop we will help you to get started and help you to develop a plan. Brent Colley presented this workshop for us last Fall, and this expanded version will be led by him too. At the Lenox Historical Society, 65 Main Street, Lenox, Mass. September 28, 1-2:30 p.m.  Brent Colley, Colley Web Service, Sharon, Conn.

·  Honing your mission to get the word out
Before you can decide how  to “talk” about your organization, you must figure out what you want to say.  Before you know what you should be saying, it helps to know who you are.
Sounds easy right? But this is the trickiest part of what we do.  What is your real mission?  Who are you really doing it for?
This workshop will be useful and fun: a casual discussion with some brainstorming. You may even walk away with a clear mission statement and a renewed enthusiasm for the task at hand!  To be held at the Sharon Historical Society, October 12, 1-2:30 p.m Leader: Cathy Fields, Director, Litchfield Historical Society .

For more information, e-mail: history@houstonicheritage.org or call 413-298-3468.